Elgold Investment

Though the world has witnessed dramatic changes in the investing landscape, the rules governing investment still remains the same – save consistently and diversify. However in Elgold Investment Projects Limited, new strategies have evolved.

Elgold Investments Projects Limited

With our understanding of the markets, we have dynamically moved with time and have devised successful strategies to guide every stage of investors. For starters, wealth builders, pending retirees and current retirees, our guidance and well rounded portfolio will appeal to you.

Elgold Investment Projects Limited (RC 630847) manages portfolio and investments, projects, feasibility studies, researches/documentations and manufacturers representatives on behalf of our various clients and customers globally, and in different sectors of the economy. We broker between governments at both national, states and local levels to enhance the development of capital investments of the host communities and societies.

Our Activities

  • General Project Finance
  • Project Development, Implementation & Management
  • Entrepreneurial Resource/ Development
  • Manufacturers Representatives
  • General Imports and Exports

Our Activities

  • Franchise Management
  • Entrepreneurial Services
  • Products/Services Supports
  • Logistics Support Service
  • International Business Investment Brokerage/Consulting

Corporate Branding

We also engage in products and services branding, which include corporate gift branding, itemized branding, special events branding, corporate events management, and corporate media advertisements (digital, electronic and print). We engage in homes, office/banks, and security equipment supplies, installations, and consultancy services.

Consultancy Service

Our services cut across consultancies in your specialized areas of interest, and based on your request. In this global world, where education is the bedrock of any societal development, we have been able to originate educational consultancy services, which channels greater interest towards the literate class, on how they can improve on their attained educational status, through our regular training, workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums. 

Educational Development

We also have well-packaged educational service to the less educational disadvantaged class, through our tutorial classes, and this program can effectively and efficiently be achieved in both the urban and rural areas in your state. This service we render with enormous world-class human resources we draw from both academic, civil service, public/private institutions.

Our goal is to be at the heart of investment & projects services industry as businesses expand across.

Elvis Enaruero A.CEO of Elgold Group